Keyword Density Tips for SEO

Keyword Density is the measurement of the number of times your keyword appears on the page of your article, versus the number of words on the page… a ratio in other words.

The Proper Use of Keywords in Your Article

Keyword Density is difficult to quantify! If you had an article with 1000 words of text and your keyword appears on that page 10 times, then your keyword density is 1 percent. I can’t honestly tell you that there is a secret percentage or ratio. I will mention that a conservative percentage would be anywhere between 2 and 4 %, not to exceed 7%.
Do not use enough Keyword Density, Your Site will Suffer!

Because there is no hard-and-fast rule to dictate keyword density, site owners are soaring on their own. One thing to know is that if you don’t have enough keyword density, your site ranking will suffer, if you have too much keyword density, your site rankings suffer.

A rule of thumb about keyword density would be to make sure your keyword is in the title tag, the description and the h1 tag at a minimum. Make sure you sprinkle a few variations of your keyword throughout your site where it looks natural and makes sense.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing!

Search engine crawlers use an algorithm to determine whether the keyword density is reasonable. You may think that the more times you use a keyword or keyword phrase on your site, the better results you get with the Google Rankings.

You can abuse the system by keyword stuffing, which are too many keywords or plenty of keyword phrases in your site’s text. Google will penalize you for this because it represents SPAM! Be sure to place your most important keyword or keyword phrase throughout the page as recommended above.

The following is where YOU are going to set yourself apart from the competition!
While others are performing On-Page SEO for their sites, I would almost bet that the majority of your competitors do not take the following two strategies into account… YOU Need To!

Keyword Prominence!

This refers to how prominent your keywords are within your web page. This means how close to the beginning of the page’s Title, Heading tags, or Meta description your keyword or keyword phrase is placed.

If possible, place your most important keyword or keyword phrase at the very beginning of your title, description, h1 and h2 tags, and the first and last sentence in your article.

Keyword Proximity!

Keyword proximity refers to how close two or more keywords are to each other. You will achieve higher rankings if you place your keywords close together.

Example, if you wanted to rank your website for the keyword phrase “free keyword density tool”, you could place it in a sentence like this:

“Visit our site for the Free Keyword Density Tool, you will love it!”

Or you could say “Visit our site for our Keyword Density Tool, you will love using it, and it is free!”

In both sentences, you will receive value from the search engines because your keywords are in the text. In the first sentence, you will receive more value because all 4 of your keywords are directly in-line with each other.

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