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How to Create a Landing Page on Facebook with Apps

Facebook, the social networking giant, has come with a lot of opportunities for business owners who have increased their worldwide reach and reputation through the platform. Its more than 1.65 billion monthly active users is a huge market for social media marketers.

There are lots of tools and applications to use from promotional aspects of the website. Facebook landing page app is a good app that can help small business owners gain more audiences and customers through Facebook. This article is intended to provide relevant information on the best strategies to create a landing page on Facebiook using apps. But first, let’s understand some terms.

What is Facebook landing page?

Facebook landing page

If you are a new entrant in the world of social media marketing, you are probably going to come across the terms “Facebook landing page” and “facebook landing page app”. A facebook landing page has similar function as other types of landing pages you are familiar with. In essence, it drives the actions of visitors. If you want your visitors to complete a task like sign up, buy, or donate for something, a facebook landing page is what you will utilize. Yes it’s similar to other forms of landing pages, there is one major difference though. It’s not placed separately like you would see in other landing pages, but it’s a custom tab right on your business’s facebook page.

To put more succinctly, a facebook landing page introduces your facebook presence to your visitors and tells them who you are. It is used to help visitors understand the basic things about your business rather than trying to figure it out through the main facebook wall that can feel overwhelming and chaotic at times. With a facebook landing page, your visitors will be able to identify with you, which allows you gain more customers.

What are the benefits of a Facebook landing page?

There are several benefits a business owner can gain from their business facebook landing page. These benefits are explained below.

A landing page helps visitors understand the benefits of liking your business: The landing page tells the visors the accruing benefits of liking your page such as daily tips, discounts, or other benefits. Because a landing page explains to visitors and prospective customers what they stand to gain by liking your business, it gives them an open mindset to click the “like button” more often. This will definitely help your business gain more recognition.

It improves the visibility of your brand: A Facebook landing page has a way of improving the overall visibility of a brand. It can help popularize your brand by establishing it in the mind of your visitors and prospective customers.

What are some good apps to create a landing page?

The following are some of the best Facebook landing page creators to create your own landing page.


This is definitely one of the best facebook landing page apps. It has a lot of applications, remarkably their sweepstakes and contest apps. It’s a free facebook landing page creator with a good reputation. Installation of this app does not require any expertise as it cane be done straight from their website. Although it’s a free facebook landing page, there are indications that subsequent users may be asked to pay in the future. So, the best time to install is now to take advantage of its benefits.


Installing involver is also simple. All you need to do is go over to their website and click the “install” button close to the HTML Static app. Involver is one of the facebook landing page apps that allows you customize the app by adding multiple tabs. Also, it allows fan-only content. However, Involver has both free facebook landing page version and paid plans. It’s free to use just two of their applications. You’ll need to select the paid option if you want more applications.


This app is developed by HyperArts. It’s also a free Facebook landing page app that allows you add fan-only content. However, it doesn’t host images, which means you will need to upload your images to the site and use HTML code to reference them.


Iwipa is a very simple application meant basically for the inexperienced in HTML. If you are not too familiar with HTML, Iwipa will be a great option for you. It’s a free facebook landing page app that lets you add pictures, videos, slideshows and banners in a visual environment. To add this facebook landing page app, visit the website and click the install button at the left side bar. It’s also possible to customize your tabs with this app.

Hosted iFrame

This facebook landing page app is another free option for you with a limit of hosting images for up to 25MB and a limited fan base of 25,000. This means it’s free up to the moment your facebook page clocks up to 25,000 fans. Installing this free Facebook landing page app is also very simple. All you need to do is click on the “Get Started” tab on their website. You are also allowed to customize your tab and add as much tabs as possible. Hosted iFrame is an ideal option for beginners.

iFrame Engine

Another free facebook landing page app, iFrame engine is a great choice for those looking for easy to use apps with fan-only capacity. But their free version is limited to just one tab. Their paid version is much better because it gives you lots of customizable options and charges you a one-time fee. This is quite different from most other facebook landing page apps that charge a monthly fee as long as your facebook page is active.


FaceItPages is another paid and free facebook landing page app that gives you the chance to make use of more videos, embedded pictures, and multiple tabs. It comes with both free and paid versions. As with other free facebook landing page apps, there are limitations on things you can add and number of tabs allowed. But the paid version has more options.


This facebook landing page app gives you the freedom to run promotions, create different tables, and create custom Facebook pages. They are very simple to install without any programming or coding. Tabsite gives you the ability to upload videos, run photos, produce slideshows, import blog posts, and run sweepstakes.

Where to Find Some Good facebook landing page templates

If you are looking to find some good facebook landing page templates for your facebook landing page, there are great options for you.

Look for Consultants and Facebook Vendors

First, you can decide to see examples from consultants and Facebook recommended vendors. Look for a consultant or a Facebook developer near you to help you design a customized template. Although this might sound more expensive, they usually provide a customizable result suited to your taste and business needs. To find a consultant, you can check out for API developers or utilize the lookup application and search for them by location.

Find a developer

While you are looking at different facebook landing page templates to see the most ideal one for you, there are some good templates you may come across. You can find out if the website has a credit to the company or person who developed it. If the website has referenced the developer, you can simply contact them and request that they design something similar for you with your own customized preferences.

Easy solutions

If you are just looking for something simple and nice for your page, there are loads of facebook landing page templates that can help you create the right Facebook fan page for you. These sites charge a little token for their service as a monthly subscription. Sites like Inline Vision, Involver, and Pagemodo all provide customized applications to help you build your own Facebook fan page with ease.

Things to consider when creating a landing page

Before you delve into the world of using facebook landing page app to create a page, there are certain considerations you have to make. Behind every success lies a good plan, so you have to plan well and make sure you understand exactly the type of landing page your business needs.

Have a defined goal

Before you begin, you have to set the goal of your Facebook landing page. What do you hope to achieve with the landing page and which options will be most ideal for you? You can decide to get both a product page and a signup page. While a product page is perfect for advertising and selling your products and services, a signup page will help you grow your list.

Know your audience

To improve the importance of your landing page, you need to be very conscious of the type of audience you want and what types of messages are best for them. Customers are different in everyway, so it will be a good thing to channel your messages based on their needs and experience. In this case, merely sending a generic message to everybody will not be the right approach. Instead, have different types of landing pages, each concentrating on a particular set of audience is much better.

Your message is very important

Just like ad campaigns and emails, landing pages make more impact on the audience when they include relevant and compelling copy that is relevant, on-brand, and concise for the audience. Take care with every aspect of the copy and make it as compelling as possible, including the call to action, body, headline, and footer of the message.

Clear and high quality images are important

Visuals play a very important role to engage your audience more than anything else. That’s why it’s vital to use beautiful images to help you easily connect with the audience. Include an eye-catchy background as well as nice pictures of your products to draw the attention of your audience and prospective customers.

There are many other considerations to make when using facebook landing page app to create a good landing page for your business. But the most important thing is to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve with the landing page and always create eye-catchy copies that can keep your audience and make them strongly committed.


Facebook landing pages are vital marketing platforms that surely benefit any business organization. No matter which approach you want to take (whether selling more stuffs or gaining more recognition), a facebook landing page is a great way to gain more visitors, nurture them, and convert them into committed customers. If you are looking to create one for your website, there are tons of paid and free facebook landing page apps that can help you. With the right app and the right approach, your business will definitely gain the recognition and expansion you crave for.

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